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1. Name your three favorite Akatsuki members, and why.
In order: Sasori, Itachi, Leader-sama

2. Name your three least favorite Akatsuki members, and why.
not possible <3

3. Your two favorite in-Akatsuki pairings, and why.
MMM. ItaSaso... and.. LeaderSaso >__>

4. Your two least favorite in-Akatsuki pairings, and why.
DeiTobi. I HATE THE IDEA OF AKATSUKI FLUFF. And pretty much anyonexTobi. >:

5. Do you support any AkatsukixOutsideAkatsuki pairings? If so, which ones, and why.
MMM LOTS >D Lesse. Anyone in the Akatsuki x Ino, SASOINO AND DEIINO in specific, Anyone in the Akatsuki x Tayuya, DEITAYUSASO and ITATAYU in specific, and many many yaoi pairings, such as all varieties of Uchihacest and NejiSaso :3

6. Do you dislike any AkatsukixOutsideAkatsuki pairings? If so, which ones, and why.
Um.. SasoTema. I have no idea why I don't like that so much @_@

7. From #1, would you like to see an orgy of those three characters?
Stealing Tema's answer: "...OH HELLZ YEAH. And Leader-sama will be like "Hey bitches this is your mission now >\" and it would be amazingly kinky."

8. How about #3. Should they have a foursome? How about your supported pairings from #5?
Well, it would be a threesome. THE EXACT SAME THREESOME FROM NUMBER 7 >__>; AND NUMBER 5. OMG. TayuLeaderKakuZetHidaKisaDeiItaTobiInoShiMikoSasuFugaMadaSaso. OT16 ♥

9. Do you think any of the Akatsuki are ugly?
Hell no.

10. How old do you suppose Kakuzu is?
Pretty old. Maybe in his 80s?

11. Why is Kisame blue?
Some jutsu or another.

12. Where did Zetsu come from?
Land of Grass?

13. Is Hidan a masochist?

14. Is Deidara insane?
... UM, WOW. DURH.

15. Is Tobi a good boy?
No. He's not :<

16. Is Itachi a sympathetic character for you?
Okay, taking Tema's answer again: "Tch no. You kill your family and your amazingly sexy mother (AND BEAUTIFUL OLDER COUSIN), you win no sympathy from me."

17. How does Sasori get it on?
With Itachi~

18. Is the blue-haired person a girl? Do you even care?
I think he's a guy, JUST TO SPITE THE FANDOM.

19. Is the Leader Yondaime?
... No.

20. Does Orochimaru fap with his snakes at night?
YES :<

21. Do you support the ObiTobi theory?

22. ZeTobi or DeiTobi?

23. SasoDei or DeiTobi?

24. Have your favorite Akatsuki members from #1 already died?
Only one, AND HE'S MY FAVORITE ;_;

25. Did Hidan deserve what he got? If not, do you hate Shikamaru?
No one deserves that >/ And I don't hate Shika.

26. What Akatsuki pairing in the most canon?
Um... I haven't read the manga in a while, so... OF COURSE ITASASO IS CANNON GAIZ, DIDN'T YOU READ THE HIDDEN CHAPTERS? >__>

27. What Akatsuki pairing is the least canon?
Probably... KakuTobi. -actually thought that out- >>
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