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This last week has been exhausting.

I stopped eating on Sunday, lost fifteen pounds over the course of the week, and barely intook any calories. This, of course, made me tired/emotional. At the same time I was on my period, which was painful and made me even more emotional. At the same time the school therapist, a woman who worked at Peninsula before I ever went (I like her a lot) kept calling me in, and I was so tired that I pretty much told her everything. Including that mom's been hitting me and that I've been starving myself.

She says I'm at extremely high risk for an eating disorder and that I should stop, and that if my mom hits me again, she has to call the Department of Child Services on her. I don't know what I should be doing. =/

As well, the second most sensitive topic that exists for me was addressed. School. Moreso? College. Everytime I think about college I start crying, because I know that wherever I want to go I'll end up not being able to, because of something. Well, this week, I finally decided to research far and wide to find out where I want to go.

University of Wisconsin, in Madison.



They have Japanese language (8 semesters), Japanese literature, Eastern religions, Modern Japanese Fiction, Japanese Art, Japanese cinema, introduction to Japanese History, and they offer study abroad programs (One in Nagoya at Nanzan U, One in Sapporo at Hokkaido U, and two in Tokyo, at Sophia U and Keio U. They also have a 3 month internship at Central Japan Railway offered. Their Japanese program is considered one of the best in the USA.

Okay, so I know that UW is EXTREMELY difficult to get into.

But hell.

Girls, be ambitious, right?

I told my parents I wanted to go.

Mom laughed at me and said I wasn't going.

I cried.


If anyone has any info on UW, or frankly, any colleges with A++++ Japanese programs, give it give it. I need more than one option, since I know I won't get accepted. I plan on double majoring in Japanese and English when I get into college, murh. Sure, it's wapanese and fat-fangirl and all of that shit, but y'know?

I don't care, faggots.

School's killing me already.

This past week moved by too slowly.
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