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Voice Post:

796K 4:12
“Hey, so like, I guess I felt like doing a voice post, obviously, considering I am, making a voice post... Such a tard, aren't I?

Anyway, um, yeah, I gonna prolly end up talking about everything but Peninsula, because I don't really give a shit.

Anyway, yeah, I was- I was serious, I might, this is completely unrelated like I said it would be but I want to tell something about it because it's only funny if- if you say it the right way, and you can't say it the right way over the goddamn internet. So, oh whoa, loophole and shit.

So anyway, like, I went back to the um, like vending machine or whatever, between first and second, and I was buying a delicious drink, and I was like, 'I'm gonna buy a delicious Cherry Coke!' So I put in $1.25 because it's... fucking... expansive and my school's trying to rip us off - which they successfully do. Uh, I put in the money, and I press the little button, and what comes out? It's not a fucking Cherry Coke, it's a Dr. Pepper. Alright, I wanted a delicious Cherry fucking Coke, but the machine, instead, with the taste of originality. It was incredibly distressing. I wasn't happy for instead of my delicious plethora of artificial cherry flavors, I was presented with preen originality. Which I did not want. I do not care about originality, I just wanted my plethora of cherries, and that was the last of my money, so, I was very sad, because Dr. Pepper is Nazi.

Anyway. I done really about that. Well I'm prolly not, I'll prolly, like, interrupt talking about it a few seconds later, I like to do that, but the- that's okay.

Um. Anyway, yeah. Uh, what else do I have to talk about, I really don't that really shitty of me.

Um. I... I miss Stacy quite frankly, like... I mean, I actually probably actually get on the interweb and tell her this, because I'm a whore, but she's never online when I am so it's kinda impossible, but I missed her a lot, like I haven't talked to her in a really shitty long time, and tha- tha- that blows because I miss my dear Stacy... I miss a lot of my best friends, I haven't talked to a lot of people in a long time... Like, just because I've sorta been avoiding AIM, because I've been avoiding my real life friends, which stalk me there... and... I mean... It's not been the coolest... but anyway, yeah,

If anybody knows of any cool concerts that happen to be in the vicinity of Knoxville, Tennessee, or around, tell me where it is because I'm fucking bored all the fucking time, oh my god... (?) Give me information Ticketmaster, I need to know if there is anything worth existing for around here...

Anyway, yes, um... I doubt the uh.. yeah... lost my total train of thought. I'm such a homo. Anyway, uh, I... defiantly don't- oh f really don't know what I was gonna talk about, and I- and that's really annoying because I usually talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and LiveJour- bleh- and LiveJournal's like 'I'm gonna cut you off, ya loser,' cut. And it hurts. It stings with the intensity of.. something- of a papercut or something. Yeah, it stings like a papercut, and that sucks, I hate papercuts... And anyway, I will talk to you guys later. I'll call you guys later.

But I won't really. I won't. Anyway, uh, bye.”

Transcribed by: codetony
Tags: voicepost

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