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I've skipped 3rd period three times this week. Meaning I fucking have to start going next week and pretty much continually. I just can't deal with DrainyteacherBITCHPLZ right now. =_=; I haven't updated LJ in a while, but a couple of traumatizingly embarassing moments have happened this week.

A. Skirt flew up in front of crowd of scary girls. Was recieved with disgusted faces. Was not good.
B. Got wet sitting on DJ and left a spot. He and his girlfriend saw and were all "OMGWTF!!??!!". Was distressed.
C. Hit on to a disgusting degree by Ryan, who was asking for sex.
D. Generally too flustered to think about anything else.

God that sucks -__-;;;;

Happy birthday, Rin darling ♥

Iloveyou. (Yes, you.)
Tags: "why would you do that?", 3rd period, aaaaah so humiliated, being flustered, being hit on, damn, damnitall, dj, do not want kthx, donotwant, draineybitch, ew, ewewew, fuck, fuckfuckfuck, fuckfuckfuckfuckfufuckfuckfudmnvdbfmsbgw, gabby, gasp, girls, horniness, i lose, lamb, love, mou, nanowrimo, no, raburabu, rin, ryan, sex, shitshitshit, sitting in laps, skipping class, skirts, why did i wear a short skirt homg t_t, yes i am incredibly bothered atm

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