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Silent night my ASS.

Ugh. Last night was made of I'm Throwing Up On Christmas Eve/Day At 3 AM FAIL.

But I got shit.

Which surprised me.


&& Again.

Glamour shot of the gifts.

Random dog in fetal position.

Demonic cat.


Now, for the presents~

NYCBCN: Street Art Revolution, an art book that's 100% full color street art photos. It's incredible.

Batteries and candy!

... animal crackers?

A full metal drawing easel ♥___♥

A book on one of my favorite artists, SALVADOR DALIIII, and a random Zen Japanese Painting book. Both of which are made of win. 8D

&& Last but most certainly not least, the "big gift", as we call it.

I will call him Ruki. He is a portable DVD player, and god he is beautiful *_* -watching Suicide Club on him right now-

And that was Christmas.

It was fun this year. Even though I'm kind of... sick. I think we're having food later. W00t.

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