April 15th, 2005

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Crash. Bam. Dead.

Well, I have been painting all day, these little gay things......whatever, anyway, I am going to go ahead and tell you. About a week and a half ago I started having reoccuring dreams of car crashes. I had been having hallucinations, seeing blood, seeing burns where they weren't and things like that, on tuesday I was in choir practice at school when I saw, something it ws in the form of the mother, covered in blood, mutilated, half the face missing covered in burns arm extending toward me, but, it wasn't my mother, it was so evil feeling, I went to sleep a few hours afterwards and saw the dream again, but this time I saw two people, my parents, dieing. On Wednesday during the same class I felt something clawing at my arm and back of my neck. The way it was, it was so evil feeling. At the end of class I was so pertrified I couldn't move. I was in another demension of pure fear. When I looked down at my arm there were burns and claw marks, although no one lese made note of them. I have been having the dreams since them and seeing the blood, but no physical hullicantions. Erin thinks I'm being haunted, and she may be right. I was drawing sort of in my own worls not even looking at te paper and I drew the scratchy forms of people, a man, a child, and a woman. I started scratching over the face of the woman so hard the pencil nearly broke, and I never stopped till Erin grabbed my arm and said 'Stop!' What is happening to me damnit?
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