May 1st, 2005

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Making out is fun, Making out with girls in funner

Yo, so I finnally updated and i got aLOT to say. Okay number one, I attended Erin's yoai party (Erin is toxicindustry ) okay and we were fucking around high as all fucking get out and suddenly Erin goes "KISS ME!" I asked "SERIOUSLY?" and she goes "YEAH" so we start frenching and scare the shit out of poor Gabby. i know she just found out I swing both ways but she didn't have to act so fucked about it! Anyway Number Two I pierced my bellybutton got it nice and infected and removed the ring and now its all swollen and shit. Number Three A mysterious hoodie appeared in my locker and belongs to no one O.O, anyway lol, first super hot french kiss in a long time YAH ERIN! XD
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