May 4th, 2005

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Fuck it

okay so this sucks, Gabbys been being bitcha lately and I dont know why. Pissing me off. Maybe shes PMSing. I think thats it. Goddess, I cant wait for school to be over *lights incence and thanks the goddess for letting the month May arrive* and guess what I get to go to a concert with Erin and Gabby for my Birthday *does dance* the concerts on May 29th man....

So, I have been reading this awesome KannaXKohaku fanfic right when I get the idea Why not write a Kanna Naraku fic? then I slap myself thinking thats gross but then Remember Naraku 'died' in the second movie so then it hit me, the idea for a PERFECT FANFIC! Currently in progress along with a million other ones XD.
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