May 23rd, 2005

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Over and done with

Well, schools over, and as I reflect thinking about it I realize exactly how shitty it was and how glad I am that it's over. My mom gave me a gift for completeing the year, a 3 month subsciption to DA so thats pretty good. I sort of think Gabby and Thomas are cool now, which makes me feel alot better about life, altough Gabby didn't actually apologize back. I'm seriously mutitasking right now, half reading interview with a vampire by Ann Rice, half danceing to Hollaback Girl, .5 watching the ring, and sort of paying attention to what I'm typeing (all adding up to about 110%) My mind is farthest away from any of that shit. All i'm thinking about is the pain myself and people around me had to endure in only 180 days. It's unfair school has to be such a hell.
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