July 30th, 2005

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Lumur ass?

Today kicked so much sexalent dorkalisious lumur ass

Two days ago I went over to toxicindustry 's place for a sleepover. We watched some x-files, which I am now obsessed with and she's my new xf buddy. We chatted some philosophy, swam for like two seconds in her pool, did some other stuff includeing watching darkness falls, a movie about the evil tooth fairy. The song played during the ending credits was really sexual so we christined the movie the sex movie. The next day we swam in her pool longer and went
up to Morristown. We ate this really shitty dinner and fell asleep at two am again.Next mourning we are really bored and out of it. We listened to green day then at about one pm we went to the mall. I got a red and black shirt with  yusuke and hiei *drool* and and invader zim tee. Plus I got the dark water manga and gravitation #12 the last one *crys*. Erryn  got a pink fma shirt and a hello kittie shirt, a  inuyasha plushie, j-candy,  and I think one more thing. We went to watch some people playing DDR and a strange conversation arises....

Random guy and his friends: hey... do either of you have a dollar?
erryn: no.
Guy: Oh, okay.
eryyn: (to me) I lied.
Guy: You lied?
erynn: No.
Guy: I'll give you a cigarette if you'll give me a dollar.
erynn: -middle finger-
Other guy: I'll give you a hug if you'll give me a dollar....
then we left. Also when we were going to the arcade some loser comes up to me and goes "ANIMEEEEEE!" and makes me give him a high five. I wanted to punch him.

 Anywhore it rocked!
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