September 4th, 2005

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It's My Life

I watched 'Thirteen' today, reminded me of my own life, 7th grade sucks cock, and 98% of girls suck too. I have been working my ass off on a report all weekend, damned report. I'm running out of ideas! I'm also sick as a dog, have a fever, and look like a pirate because I scratched my stupid eye and now I have to wear a fucking eyepatch! I'm such a loser. I've gotten into myspace now, heres my url so go add me if you have a myspace damnit! I've been reading alot of emo teen titans fics tonight, and I'm watching 'The Ninth Gate' with Johnny Depp, and right now I'm jamming to Bon Jovi! CAUZ ITS MY FUCKING LIFE!

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    It's My Life- Bon Jovi