September 21st, 2005

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In the backseat...

Today I realized somethintg. Gabby is blind. I had at last, 'the talk' with her. She cried. She cried alot. I didn't care. I was mean to Erin today. I regret that alot. I suppose that explains my remorse for today's actions. I hurt her feelings. I am sorry. In an hour or so I will at last celebrate Mabon. I am happy about that, I really am. I took a purification bath when I got home and collected some leaves, fruits, and herbs from mom's/my garden. I linger still on my harsh words on Erin. I sent her an e-mail. I hope she forgives me. I love Erin. I hope Gabby changes as well. I will pray for these things tonight during the ritual. Also I will pray for Thomas to do well in Social Studies. Long Story. Anyways, I hope everything is all right tommorow. Need to meditate, and I think the cornbread is burning. By.
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