October 2nd, 2005

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By limitedbythesky

sennen Stats

Formed: 2nd October 2005
Split: 27th February 2012
Best Album: 'Pinecone Mascons Lacertid' 8/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Lazing Ticks Perish' 9/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 3rd June 2007.)
Records Sold: 2,160,224 in total (1,112,870 albums, 1,047,354 singles).
Reputation: Indie
Groupies: yumix1 reportedly beat yaoi_luver01 to within an inch of their life after the sennen keyboardist refused to fuck them. nerotine and emopointsforyou were more than happy to compensate for any ill feelingS.
Other'Hope' was denied airplay on MTV after the stations producers labeled the track as the most pretentious, worthless pile of shite since Paul McCartney's last solo single.

sennen Member Profiles


toxicindustry suffered a prolonged attack at the hands of a group of elderly women, who treated the sennen singer to a few well placed kicks to the groin. It is safe to say that toxicindustry is becoming more of a public hate figure than Hussein ever was.


Unable to pick strings individually, nerotine had to resort to beating the shit out of all of the strings at once to contribute in any way to sennen's din. And even then...

emopointsforyou still finds difficulty in producing anything resembling a discernible note from their bass.

bloodnblack's manages to make an epileptic speed freak from Inverness look co-ordinated.

yaoi_luver01 posesses the unique ability to detune pianos by simply looking at them.

Single Releases

# Title Date
22 Fumigate Reliever Nov 2005
17 Psaltery Pedants Leprosy Personae Dec 2005
20 Uncashed Feb 2006
2 Lazing Ticks Perish Jun 2007
1 Motive Helipads Soften Conduced Dispel Foy Jul 2007
2 Riposte Overwind Five Mitoses Showered Musket Aug 2007
12 Wading Formant Jul 2008
11 Disses Sep 2008
13 Caryatic Slablike Cogwheel Oct 2008
9 Beerier Haler Ryegrass Carper Dec 2008
7 Kakas Char Pollens Jul 2010
17 Hope Aug 2010
20 Posthole Knottier Extinct Cleverly Shoebill Oct 2010

Album Releases

# Title Date
35 Madames Popedom Coruler Oct 2005
14 Pinecone Mascons Lacertid Apr 2007
1 Reargued Stairs Magots Jun 2008
N/A Bulkier Aplastic Cocomat Apr 2010

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