October 12th, 2005

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr


well i'm at my hundredth entry. amazing. lets dance. *dance* Hows this for my bug double zero, four of my friends ditched me. erin, debbie, brooke, and thomas. they wont look me in the eyes. that hurts me alot. brooke talked to me a little today. i guess thats better than nothing. i must sound really clingly, but i'm not. i'm just sad. i'm not mad at any of them though. i sort of blew up at debbie in her lj "why do you think I evil glared you? you ditched me...you wont look at me...you wont talk to me. you think that turns me off a little bit? I told you hi 3 time in the hallway but you ignored me. no one in your clique can even look at me. I am NOT anything less than you. dont act as though you are better than me because you have your own clique. at least I stay true to my heart." gir....

btw flyleaf is my bitch: http://www.flyleafmusic.com/full/
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