October 13th, 2005

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Saying sorry

i'm sorry everyone
i'm sorry debbie for looking at you with such cruel eyes
i'm sorry erin for making you feel guilty
i'm sorry thomas for trying to be your friend
i'm sorry brooke for annoying you
i'm sorry gabby for ignoring you
i'm sorry hannah for forgetting about you
i'm sorry daisy for forgetting about you too
i'm sorry everyone
i truely am
because if i wasn't...
i wouldn't say so. i am sorry for all these things that i have done and i hope that you can understand

I want to be with you. Ah, you are still vivid in my memory. If I could see you again what would I say to you?If this is all just a dream if I could wake up from this dream and be with you. If I could be born again even if that is against god's will I want to be with you. But the morning light will you show you my true face. Even if that is against god's will I would just want to tell you that I love you

this is moving to me. comment if you agree.
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