October 23rd, 2005

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Our work is never over

O-M-F-G I hate traveling. We had a long weekend and my parenst ruined it by taking me 9 HOURS away from home to Doniphan Missouri (the best small town ever) for *drumroll* ONE MOTHERFUCKING DAY! THEN WE HAD TO DRIVE BACK! AND MY DVD PLAYER DIDNT WORK SO I WAS SITTING IN A CAR FOR 9 HOURS WHILE MY PARENTS LISTENED TO THE DAMN FOOTBALL GAMES AND THE NEWS ON THE RADIO! Jesus of Nazareth, they wouldn't even play any damned music. The only thing I could listen to music was on was my DVD player which, like I said, didnt work. RAGE! When we got there I went on this two mile hike and this crazy dog desided to stalk me. He followed me to my great aunts house. We didnt feed him or anything but he wouldnt leave. After about 6 hours of him he lured him back to his house in the car dropped him off and sped away. IT WAS FUCKING HYSTERICAL! The dog was chasing us and he was so William Tell *duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnunuhNUHNUHNUHNUHNUH* wELL, you would have had to have been there to see the amusument I guess. Knoxville is the shittiest place ever. I hate this town. I want to live in Doniphan, because I was in the town square and there was this SWARM for god's sake of really cute guys and they were all like, wannabee guetto, but this guy who is odviously 15 goes up to me and says "You ready to get drunk?" I'm like "Not particularly" and then this kid goes "Are you gothic?" *i was the only person there wearing all black omgz special* and I go "Are you sexy?" the kid goes "What the fuck?" I wink at him then walk away. Oh btw on the 9 hour drive back I had a red bull, and even though it tastes like shit it's true, RED BULL GIVES YOU WINGS!!!!

P.S. traveling sucks ass
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