November 1st, 2005

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Another Day Worth Shit

Last night was so much fun! Halloween, well, speaks for itself. I was sadako yamamura/samara morgan. I honest to god scared of me, there were these boys who came up to me thinking i was a statue, one poked my arm and fast as hell I grab his arm like samara does in "The Ring" and whisper loud enough for him to hear, "seven days..." omfg it was awesome. I didnt go trick or treating I continued to scare people all night though. Of course not even a good night can last. I get to school, get an "A" on my research project and buy a manga and then Hannah tells me that Daisy had said hi to Gabby but accidentally calling her morgan. Gabby is infuriated. Gabby takes it out on Hannah and Daisy. So, Daisy, Hannah, Jared, and I sit at our own table and, of course, Gabby asks "Why are you sitting over there?" we respond "So you wont yell at us" Gabby says "I promise I wont yell at you if you sit with us." Before I go on please read that sentence again. I say "Gabby grow up" Then later gabby acts all innocent about it. I am enraged, simply enraged. Deep inside myself I think I despise her. Depression is suppressed rage. I'm getting depressed again. Haha.
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