November 4th, 2005

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Well. This is great, just great. Its either I have gone completely seriously crazy and become a paranoia shizofrentic or I have developed psycic powers. I hope to god its the second not the first. I think I may be possessed or somthing, I dont want to sound crazy though I know I do ;_; See there is this thing in my mind, Its a girl who came to me in a dream. Her name is Jenny and she shows me amazing things. She has a fixation with death, suicide, murder, and also, circles, and water (go figure?) She wont tell me what she hates. I think she is dead or something, but she is so strange. I think she has phsycokenetic abilities because I see pictures of people's thoughs...Yes you heard what I said. Pictures of peoples thoughts. I suppose that would be thught-reading right? Over the past week I have been able to see people's thoughts or ideas, i even discovered who sally likes though mind-hacking! Now I told my mom all this because I started to feel like my head was going to explode but she didnt believe me. She says I just have a 'gift'. I hope that is all it is, I dont want my ass hauled to the asylum. I did some research, I couldnt find one case of anyone under fourteen developing shizophrenia and reading thoughts at the same time so I think its one or the other. And dont think I'm bullshitting you about the thought reading stuff its real.

IN OTHER NEWS Gabby and I are offically not friends any longer and god damn I'm so hapy. She came up to me in art and goes "Morgan, I heard about your livejournal, Erynn told me..." That was SO odviously reverse phsycology trying to get me to talk so I go ,"...about what?" in a really bored voice. Annoyed she says "Fine, I'm not even gonna talk about it, Morgan I have a bone to pick with you." Okay first off, 'a bone to pick with me' sounds like some form of masturbation, its ot threatening AT ALL! Anyways...So I'm like "Oh my god *one of those exasperated laughs* oh my god gabby, you have NO idea how long I have had a bone to pick with you *exasperated laugh* god, you are blind! You have been hurting me forever man, You have been hurting me for a year!" ^Gabby rudely intercepts^ "Nuh-Uh!" "Yeah-huh Gabby, you have no idea how many tears I have shed, no idea how many times you have made me want to kill myself, I mean GOD, but that dossent matter anymore," "Fine, We aren't friends anymore! *storms off to her table*" Finally damnit. So anyway I walk over to her table after about ten minutes and say "Here, its from all of us me hannah and daisy," she glares "As if *I* care!" Which she so odviously did because she grabs the note and starts reading it. I sat with Thomas only about a foot and a half away from her and then when shes done she yells "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I NEVER CARED!" Haha. How blind of her. Heres the note:

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Thomas was begging me to let him read my diary at the time then he finally cracks me into telling him about Jenny. However he didnt get to see my journal teehee. Anyways now that the damn gabby drachmah (inner joke) is over with at last I can finally get to something thats really important, ill update when i think of something. This has to be the longest entry ever
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