November 13th, 2005

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Cool Kids Make Out in Band Locker Rooms

well i was grounded most of the weekend because of my bad communication skills. I had told my parents I was "going out" and i was with my friend summer and I thought it was odvious i was going to her place for awhile. So we did. We go to her place and watch this lesbian love movie called "Better than Chocolate" BEST EVER! Anyways my dad had driven to her house to see if I was there because they had thought I was just taking a walk. Summer's dumbass little sister thought it would be fun to get Summer in trouble by saying "No they arent here but they're supoosed to be. I'm lonely" Which gets my parents nice and fired up and when i call them to tell them where I am they're like "YOU'RE GROUNDED FROM THE COMPUTER!" which was stupid because I can do a million other things besides the computer to keep myself entertained. I painted alot. But I softened my mom up by watched "Chicago" the musical with her (I love that by the way but whenever I watch anything with her it makes her realize what an "angel child" i am) anyways she's like "oh Morgan you're a great kid and I love you, you can get on the computer!" lol moms are easy to sway. in other news I made out with greg in the band locker room on friday, haha, its tainted now. I offically love the song "Gold Diggers" by Kanye West so shut up. I also love the movie "Ray" so keep shutting up. (if you're smart you will have realized I'm a Jamie Foxx fan) Because guys like that are love. In other news I have a stalker. His name is Alex Foulds. Oh Emm Ef Gee. He scares me alot. He rips out my hair, sniffs my stuff, follows me around, trys to steal my stuff, and attempts to stab me with ballpoint pens. Yeah. Scary. Also David Smyear needs to give up on me I have a boyfriend damnit.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. blink 182:
    that band is cool shit, they are punk love
  2. dark rock:
    referring to dark rock entertainment, they make great movies
  3. flcl:
    one of the best animes ever
  4. heavy metal:
    my favourite genre of music
  5. lemon:
    referring to the fanfiction i love smut
  6. movies:
    everyone loves them including me
  7. ringu:
  8. slipknot:
  9. winter:
    cauz thats a cool season
  10. yu yu hakusho:
    my favourite anime ever

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