November 18th, 2005

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Because my heart is in San Deigo

Ohio is for lovers. Bitches. My mom is so...right...sometimes. She comes home and takes one look at me and goes "You're depressed aren't you?" Well duh I am. She has been working really hard all week and ignoring me and she just says "You havent smiled all week" Havent noticed until now? Geez, I only am happy when im with Hannah, Daisy, or Greg. Speaking of Hannah and Greg if Hannah and Zach break up and if Greg and I break up Hannah and I are going to start going up. Its a special agreement we made today lol. Erin thinks we would be an amzingly cute couple. Now on the subject of my hair it rocked scenexcore today because I straightened it last night and now its all pretty ^^ and this this girl sent me a myspace pm that says "heyy haha sry if this offends you but are you bi? someone told me that u were breaking up with ure bf so u could go out with hannah... muchlove--leah" pretty funny so i said "im bi but that was a joke i love greg" everyones gonna be a bitch to me about it tommorow but fuck them im half gay and im all proud
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    Ohio is for Lovers- Hawthorne Heights