November 19th, 2005

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Making out is fun, too bad Greg can't kiss

Is going to a YuGiOh tournament, reading manga, watching people lose, and not really playing, along with your boyfriend a date? Lol, Greg cracks me up. He lost so badly, but I bought some manga while I was there and had the whole "poor shy pitiful emo girl" look going on the whole time. It was pretty funny because all these boys started talking to me about manga and anime and yugioh probably because they wanted to duel me or something. i dont play the game. But these people where giving me the "omg shes hot" looks and this boy flirted with me the whole time. I think straitening my hair has made me hot. LOL. In other news, why the hell is no one commenting on my entries anymore. I HEART COMMENTS BIZATCHES! Btw, I feel like tacos...(if anyone gets that joke they rock scencexcore)
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