November 20th, 2005

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Yu-Gi-Oh owns me

Well, I'm getting my cartilage pierced in an hour *go me* and I now have 117 friends on myspace because of the whoreing. I told this one chic to whore me and I got like 15 friends request in 3 minutes, it was wild. Anyways I have been a sucker to teh Yu-Gi-oh mellinuim world manga I got yestersday, I read it six times. *refreshes myspace homepage* Jeez another. This is rad. Anyways I'm really cold right now, I'm downstairs, and their is no fire in the fireplace and the door leaks cold air in real easy and my legs are all goosbumpey...*shivers* *refreshes mypace homepage again* OH YEAH! another one! but I really hate the bullitens people post "FUCKING ADD THIS AWESOME MYSPACE PERSON! CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE HE WHORES AND COMMENTS WILL WHORE TO HIS 15K" oh my god i just clicked it and its some old guy with a huge white mustash(sp?) ugh gross and hes all wannabee ghetto too his myspace pic caption is "dont i look slammin in that pic?" ugh gross this guy is a freak...In other news I love hawthorne heights, they are emo love! because my heart is in ohio... and I think Valentino and Thomas Cooper need to go out, they would be a hot couple, lol, I'm kind of Under the Influence right now, I sound like such a 12 year old...VV;; My dad is upstairs yelling at me about something but I have my headphones on so if he wants to talk to me he can take his lazy ass down here and talk to me, I had flippin krispy creme dohnuts for breakfast this morning dad, I'm not hungry, and I know mom went to work so just SHUT THE FUCK UP!
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