November 21st, 2005

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Not HAPPY with j00

Dude today was so weirdxcore.Me and Hannah innocently buddy buddy pecked or lips together twice in the girls locker room and everyone FREAKED OUT! It was really funny, but somehow it went from we barely kissed (which is the truth) to we made out in like 5 minutes. Anyways my stalker was harrassing me calling me a lesbian all through science so...I slugged him. BAM! BAM!!!! It felt great. I have In Team Isolation for it, normally I would be suspended but the teacher LOVES me, and hell, I love her for lovin me at this point, because normally you would get suspended for that I sound so gangsta! Anyways, people started being really mean about the kiss so i sent all my myspace buddies and posted a bulleton saying this:

You have probably heard that I made out with Hannnah Hill in the girls locker room. Its a lie. You have probably heard I'm a lesbian. Its a lie. I pecked Hannah Hill (my best friend for eternity) on the lips today, and we are friends. Both of us have boyfriends, we are just really affectionate. I am sending this to all my myspace friends at WVMS before a huge ass rumor starts, let me clarify this: I AM VERY AFFECTIONATE. I KISS MY FRIENDS. I HUG MY FRIENDS. I DO NOT DATE MY FRIENDS. I AM NOT A LESBIAN. I punched alex foulds today for calling me a lesbian. I do not take to it kindly. So please, do us all a favor and cut it with the theatrics, its nothing big, its nothing crazy, and people do it everyday. Please do not spread rumors about me. I am sick of it.

Its really funny, because I sound so utterly pissed off in it. Anyways, to anyone of here that has a myspace this is my url: :so yeah add me please. And...its almost Thanksgiving, which means I get to miss school to gave 5 pounds all in one day...I'm nt sure if tahst a good or bad thing. Anyway, off to go randomly add hot gothic kiddies!
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