November 25th, 2005

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I guess you can call me a serious weirdo for what my past two days have been like. Im getting payed $20 to take care of my neighbors cats for 4 days. I know I'm being overpayed. Anyways yesterday I fed and played a bit with the kitties then went snooping for my neighbor's (who are a "just married" couple) dirty little secrets. I found a bondage outfit, some condoms, and lubricant under the bed. It made me laugh our loud. I found a pistol in the bedside table drawer. It was loaded, I could tell by holding it. I didn't touch the trigger but I just sort of admired it. Heavy as it was, it held a certain amount of threat that you dont register when you see people shooting each other in movies. Today I came again, played with the cats, put in a Bloodhound Gang CD and jived to "The Bad Touch" while I went looking around again. I didnt find anything good until I found Jessica's (the woman odvously) journal. She's 23 but the entries I read were from 2003. Her writing was positivly charming to say the least. It was the journal of someone who was depressed and feeling like she is just plain sick of herself. I know I'm a serious bitch for invading their privacy but I guess I cant help it. I always feel like I have to know everything about people before I can consider trusting them. And, whoopdeedoo this was my chance. I feel liek such a bitch ^^;;. Thanksgiving sucked. I threw up. I hate Tennessee. I'm so cold. I need to take a hot shower and sit in the humidity for awhile. I have been playing "Yoshi's Island" for GameBoy Advance alot lately even though I already beat it. Its so much fun! Gameboy is the best EVER!
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