November 30th, 2005

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr


Well I skipped school so I can sit at home like this for the rest of the day. I know staying home when you aren't sick is supposedly bad, but it's not. I'm kind of sick. I'm suffering severe chronic insomnia again and needed the extra sleep. Mom knows. She's gonna write me a sick note or something for tommorow. So I'm going to spend the entire day making icons for my ygo100 challenge, reading fanfiction, and maybe even studying for the huge history test tommorow though the fanfiction/icon idea sounds better to me. I guess I can use this day to catch up on sleep and study, and my bloody icon challenge. Haha. I'm reading a harry potter fic and I just said 'bloody'. Haha. Lol. I need to take a bath sometime today. I have these horrible zits on my face I need to kill. Ugh. My headaches are killing me. Off for benadryl(sp?) may update sometime again today.
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