December 11th, 2005

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr


*mega ultra huge sigh* I got back from Daisy's party a few hours ago. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Except for when Greg hit on me for two fucking hours. I was getting really pissed off about then. So, I guess I got there, stashed my stuff, hung out and waited for everyone else to get there, loosened up, danced all sexy like (who knew I could dance but apparently i am o_O) to radass rave music, and gluttened on that awesome cake. Oh my god. Best cake ever!!! I had got her 'Edward Sissorhands' one of the best movies of all time for Daisy as her gift. Hannah, Nora, and I tickled Jared for about two hours. He's so cute and gerbil like. When everyone left and it was just me, Hannah, Daisy, and Nora for the sleepover I did everyones make-up. It was fun! I like doing people's make up. Then we danced some more, ate cake, and watched most of toonami. OHMYGOD! NARUTO NEARLY KILLED ME LAST NIGHT. WHEN IT WAS OVER AND THERE WAS SAKURA'S SCREAM BUT YOU COULDN'T REALLY SEE WHAT HAPPENED I STARTED SHREIKING AND CRYING AND STOPPED BREATHING...I thought someone had gotten killed. But in the, "next time" everyone seemed to be there. *goes into fits of hysteria* I want to know why the hell Sakura screamed! Afterwards it took awhile to calm me down. When I felt better and after "One Piece" ended we 'gossiped' for awhile, played a little truth or dare, and i finally got them to watch Edward Sissorhands. I think they had assumed it was a horror movie because they didn't want to watch it at first, and then at the end they were "THAT WAS THE BEST EVER!" and then...sleepytime. I was awoken by creaking floors at 8:30. I'm dead in the morning. Especially this one. I pull my knee highs back up and wander into the kitchen wondering where everyone went. As if on cue Daisy appeared laughing at my sock attempts. I munched on chips and attempted to make coffee, but i was fumbleing around in the dark and couldn't find any, so i try to make hot cocoa, with a coffee maker. It didn't go to plan. So finally I used the ever conventional microwave to heat up the water and I went downstairs to Nora and Hannah, who seemed fixated by whatever was on the computer screen. I entertained myself with cartoons while they browsed danny phantom fanart. They showed me a few things. I didn't get involved until Daisy couldn't log in to her LJ. We worked at it, but someone had hacked into her account and not only changed the password but the e-mail address too. So we created her a new one. When I got home I started working on my research project, and after two nhours of that I came down to customize daisy's new lj. It's hotxcore. A christina aguilera layout, ooh smexalent! so now im finally updating my lj to tell you all that. so there. *awkward silence* oh yeah before i forget, i swallowed candle wax last night. it cut the back of my throat. owwz.
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