December 15th, 2005

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Why am I listening to this CRAP?

Oh My God. Field trips rock scenexcore. My art class went to the capital (as in the state capital) to tour art museums. I listened to my cd player only the entire time. Drew descibed me as a loner. Lol. Anyways I sat by Gabby the whole time. She really needed a shower but otherwise everything was peachy. We ate at McDonalds on the way back. Those chicken select things are hawt. I think that LJ raised the number of icons for free accounts, cuz a friend of mine has six icons but a freebie, so who knows. But I want more now, I'm dishing out money for god's sake *pout* I swear to god the song 'Dance, dance' gets stuck in your head even faster than 'My Humps' which I thought was impssible. Crazy. Anywhore I'm really sleepy. An early goodnight but not until I print out a bedtime story ^__~ (probably meaning a 20 chapter uchihacest fic)

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