December 24th, 2005

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So I have spent the majority of the day watching old horror movies (fright night, night of the living dead, etc.) and painting my nails, first they were green, then blue, then black, then white-out, then black again, then silver, and now they're barbie doll pink. Painting nails is so much fun :) I love Madonna's "Hung Up" video. It's so awesomely 80s. Now that I have comcast I get the whole, on demand stuff and I can watch music videos and have a fuckload more channels. I swear I have memorized that song by now, along with "Batcountry" by Avenged Sevenfold. And now i'm watching the original Amityville Horror, I love that movie so so much. On Demand is the best ever! I find it very irritating however that no one commented on that last art post however (bitches :P) I fell down the stairs again. I do that to much. It hurt particularly badly this time because I landed right on my fat ass. On a shoe on my ass. So it was like this

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My mom is a bitch, but i love her. In other news...:Happy Holidays Everyone tommorow is Christmas so good for all you Christmas celebraters, (not me but thats the day my family gives gifts and eats a big meal because I'm the only wiccan >_>;) I made yet another community mainly because there wasn't one for them sakuraxino even though Sakura is so ODVIOUSLY the submissive in that relationship. Whatever. MORGAN IS NOT SICK ANYMORE yes you heard it here folks Morgan is no longer feverish, throwing up, or any other crappy shit (but she is still getting crazy nosebleeds at the most random moments)