December 29th, 2005

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Raining again

I actually signed on to MSN last night. Talked to Rodri and Lucie. I had some 8 buddy requests, mostly from people on Erynn's forum. I went shopping today. I got 35 thin little bracelets, some weird leg warmer thingies, some earrings, a wallet, Slipknot 9.0 live *squee*, a wallet, a manga called Eerie Queerie (so the name is retarded but its yaoi, give the girl a break), another FLCL DVD, and a beautiful shirt from hot topic! All for less than $100. Morgan is a shopping queen! Anyways, my new fanfic is doing well. I left a note on the bottam saying if I dont get ten reviews I'm not updating and withing ten minutes I had four. Pretty sweet yo! *lol* I smell like sugar and marshmallows. It's really weird I'll smell it look around sniff my hand and their it will be. It smells fucking AWESOME! I think it's the weird bath and body works crap my mom gave me for x-mas that's doing it. I saw a chic from school at the mall today. Jasmine, I think her name was. We walked and seem to share a distaste for Courtney Johnson. Go fig.