January 5th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

In my pants

I slit my thumb open two times very deeply with a knife two days ago. One of them is starting to close up but the other one is as open as Kurama's pants (had to say it just hit me please) anyway, Erynn may come sleep over tommorow night, yay! I went shopping and got two pairs of seriously bitchin pants; this one and this pair. Awesome to the x and core right? My dad got some batterys for my digital camera, it's been dead for a week (bitch :P) oh and when I was in HotTopic they were playing the new SOAD CD hypnotize, the edited version. Me and the clerk started singing together (random act of spontaneousness lmao) and my mom was all "o_O morgan just put on the pants" lol I a child of 13 has actually managed to humiliate my mother who's *JOB* it is to annoy/humiliate me -_-.