January 6th, 2006

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Turn it up

I got my report card today. In my academics I got all "A"s save for History to which I got a high "B" and in my related arts; Advanced Art and PhysEd I got "B"s. So wo0t for Morgan! I'm starting to wonder if anyone actually reads my entries anymore, I dont care if they do or not but I was writing an entry about shopping and a recent masochism streak and daisy commented like this "wow your on alot of peoples list i'm going to need your help. Hannah you know has Really bad grades well i need you to help me nag her into doing her work every night and to bring her backpack hoem every day too. cause i don't want to go to high school with out her like i don't want to go with out you Tammera, or Taylor. i can go with out Gabby both Brooks debbie and alot of other people (Erin is not in the list of people i don't want to come to school with next year). now i'm going to updated my lj now. love ya bye." Okay. What the hell does that have to do with splitting open random parts of my body and watching thunderstorms? Who knows? Anyways, Erynn's coming over tonight, JOY!</sarcasmlessohmigawdwtf> and we are going to do...stuff...and stuff or something (i dunno) I think this will be the first time she has ever slept over at my place, I've been to her place 2 or 3 times and we went to a hotel together once..wow unnaturally perverted *dies*. Anyways look at this icon http://www.livejournal.com/userpic/38308366/8546349 okay. Do you see a :D kind of face there? I NEVER NOTICED THAN IN THE ANIME! OH MY GOD! Or maybe I was just dumb in 5th grade. Who knew?