January 7th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Yay =)

Erynn slept over. We watched FLCL, Fruits Basket, and Fight Club. We didn't sleep much. Most people dont at sleepovers. How ironic. I watched the rest of her FB box set today. Every episode. I now have an intense craving to write/read some fanfiction and eat some rice balls. The ending was...as usual in animes...rather sad. The Japanese are so angst filled. I have officially concluded that Kisa is fucking adorable, Yuki is indeed a prince, Hana is really hot, Kyou was fucked up, and Akito didn't get enough credit. Poor everyone. I'm watching Dawn of the Dead right now. It cant even hold my attention for ten minutes before I get on the computer. Fucking bastard of a movie. For some reason i'm in a very irritated mood right now. The wounds on my thumb have reopened. Another wound is open as well. It hurts, but it's almost comforting in a weird sort of way. I guess things are hard to understand. Maybe it's from watching 13 straight hours of anime, having little sleep, missing naruto, and the haunting thought of doing a fuckload of homework tommorow that's making me feel so weird T_T.