January 8th, 2006

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Damn betas

I have been studying super hard today. There is a History test tommorow I'm probably going to flunk so I'm working extra hard. My beta hasn't returned the chapter I sent her, she said he email was fucking up alot lately so maybe she didn't get it (damn that sucks) Ever watched a movie and the person is drinking a soda, the really general kind, the background is red and it just says "COLA" on the front. I'm having one of those right now. It's surprisingly nasty. Man, I think I may have burst a blood vessel in my brain from over stressing it. I never study this much. If I was in the Zodiac I would have just totally transformed. About halfway through studying I had to cut off and get some brain food: riceballs. Yes, I Morgan Smith made herself a riceball. I think watching all the Fruits Basket is going to my head. Anyways, I dont think it agreed with me and my period >>