January 9th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Sacred silence

I don't know what happened. Gabby told me she was crying and I suddenly felt bad. I wondered for awhile if I had done something...but she said it was them. You know the bitches I used to call my friends. Anger like I hadn't felt for a long time was re-awoken inside of me. They can fuck with me, but not with her. She is to kind. And therefore I began to wonder. What happened to everything this year? I try not to sound emo about this but since the school year started everything absolutly spiraled. I could not put a fault on this to anyone. That would be pointless and weak. But honestly, what the hell did we do to deserve it? I guess there must be something really great ahead of us. All of us. Because to have not killed ourselves yet we must have a really great reason to still be around.