January 12th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Yeah well fuck you too

Heh. Yesterday was so boring I waited a day to tell you about it :P I sat with Erynn and Gabby's possee and Hannah didn't look very happy. I think she had thought that she and Daisy were sitting there too but when she came over she wouldn't sit down. Go figure oO. But i'm sitting with them today at our usual spot. I need to get my camera software installed so I can send 'the pictures' to Erynn. Speaking of her she got a myspace...finally. But I think it's an old one or something because it doesn't show up on the last page of my friends. Anyways, about moving to another team, my mom and dad went to the school and they said we would have to have a team meeting because it's so late in the year. I'm okay with it, all I'll have to do is be emo and say the names of the people who are bullying me. Yay >3