January 14th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Better than Chocolate >3


Damn it all! The ending of the Naruto wave country saga is so depressing! WHY THE HELL IS IT SO SAD!?! WHY DID HAKU-CHAN HAVE TO DIE! WHY DID ZABUZA-KUN HAVE TO DIE!!?*burst into pretrified sobs* WHY WHY WHY??!!*whipes away tears and calms herself down* Okay, in and out, and in and out...

-30 minutes later she has regained calm-

I went shopping today. I bought Naruto Volumes 2 and 3, Yu-Gi-Oh! Mellinium World Volume 2, and The Long Hard Road out of hell by Marilyn Manson. As for music I got System of a Down: Mesmerize and Flyleaf's self titled album. Why the fuck has no one heard of them? They're really good. I mean damnit, I worship them! My mom thinks they're too screamy or something. Screw her. When I came downstairs and I was sobbing because of the Naruto episode I just watched it went something like this

Collapse )

Man, I had already seen that episode in Japanese with subtitles, but I guess everything is more depressing in your native tongue. Eh, so since then I have been reading Zabuza/Haku. I swear it's taken me like, an hour to write this post in between sobbing and reading. Man I am pathetically emo lately. *stars singing that hawthorne heights song brooke rigsby has a shirt of* BECAUSE MY HEART IS IN OHIO!!!! Yeah. I'm fucked up right now. So, off to go be gloomy in my bedroom and drink half my dad's beer.