January 31st, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr


I asked Hannah out! And she said yes! wo0ts for me! I want to go on a date with her this weekend, hang out at the mall. As Erynn put it "You guys are the first homosexual couple in the group" xDD! So i'm in this weird 'holy shit she really said yes' euphoria state. I pledge to be a better signifigant other than Zach (or greg for that matter) ever were!

I started writing some fanfiction in Health class. Gabby and I were passing notes, which mainly consisted of us going all SasukeXGaara fangirly, or SasukexHaku or GaaraXHaku. It was pretty pathetic the second time I read over it. Anyways, during science I compiled a list of my favorite bands from 1-10.

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Exciting wasn't it? Yeah I know. Anyways, horray for asking Hannah out!