February 10th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

I need my comments =[

I signed onto MySpace this morning and I got the weirdest message. And I quote "arent u teh chic who wrote Our Own Little Musings on FF.net???/" I'm famous x)

Erynn got a boyfriend. It's weird, he just randomly asked her out apparently. Almost like the Greg thing except she and he aren't friends. Weird huh? Speaking of her she made me a moderator on her forum. I got teh power xDD!

I'm working on a really nice Naruto fanart. I'm actually coloring it in photoshop and stuff. Yayz for me! It's supposed to snow all weekend, but that's a lie. SNOW IS A LIE!!! Or something -_-

Farewell Summer.

Oh and by the way: No one has commented in six whole entries. That aint cool yo.