February 14th, 2006

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Valentine's Shit

What the fuck was with today? At school you can order Valentine's shit for your friends, like flowers and lollipops, but since we were out yesterday none of them ended up getting delivered. I was mildly infuriated. But I got the Gorillaz CD to Erynn for borrowship, I hope she enjoys. When I got home I suddenly remembered the parentals and I were going out to eat at a really good Japanese steakhouse. So we get there and daddy conveniantly forgets to get me sake. Just because i'm in eighth grade doesn't mean my father has the rights to forget about my sake! (for those who do not know I ♥ sake like a geek loves the x-files) To my happiness TheFutureFreaksMeOut had finally updated her glorious fanfic when I came home. Oh my god. He killed himself. That was the end. I died. I sobbed. I slapped myself in the face to regain my composure. Then I did my homework. But still. He killed himself. I mean god damnit Gaara-chan KILLED HIMSELF! Which has left me in a nicely depressed state. But it still is the best Naruto fanfic I have ever read. Ever.