February 17th, 2006

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Irritating people

I saw a fucked up movie today called Freedomland. Julianna Moore= ♥ I got really pissed off at everyone today for no reason. It's weird, because I just had my period last week so I'm not PMSing. Maybe I was just in a really bad mood.

Also, I have been thinking about alot of the stupid things people age say all the time and I have concluded:

  1. Anarchy is not cool and will get you killed.
  2. Peace is love.
  3. Emo bands do not suck.
  4. You cannot say a musical group is a poseur band because you have never met them and do not know what is going on in their lives.
  5. Piercings are not for just goths.
  6. Calling someone a poseur relfects one's insecurity for their own self-image.
  7. Being called a poseur really hurts.
  8. Having anime crushes is as normal as having celeb crushes.
  9. Shy boys that cry are really cute.
  10. Talking in class is okay as long as you don't get caught.
  11. More people chew gum in class knowing the rule is you can't.
  12. The clothes don't make the person, but do reflect their self confidence.

Yeah. In general people suck. Nod your head if you agree with anything I have said so far *everyone nods* 

On a completely unrelated topic: If you can ignore the fact that it's soft porn, this has to be the best Kakashi X Sasuke pic of all time. Sasuke had the most awesome uke expression, that is physically impossible for him to have period. But it just fits. *everyone oggles at awesome fanart*