February 27th, 2006

{ NIN ; reznor } don't

Watch me jack off

Emotionally, I'm not so great. Mother dearest has begun to pester me about being emotionally distant. I told here everything is fine. I'm just tired. I don't sleep anymore, and everyone is trying to fuck with my head. Not so good. On a brighter note: These past few days have been a downward spiral of...yep you guessed it...INSIDE JOKES! There has been some amazingly funny shit said in the group lately.

Physically I feel horrible. I had two meals today, if you could call what I scarfed at lunch a meal, and I feel terrible. Like I'm going to start sweating blood out of my pores until I'm dry. My head hurts, I wish I could through up but I have practically no gag reflex.

To be saying some happier...things...I finished The Catcher in the Rye. I love that book ♥

I have been feeling alot of sympathy to the dad. The poor guy is working his ass off recently :(

Ohh man...xDD

Penal colony...

[EDIT]: I forgot to mention I just cut an inch of my hair off in my bathroom. I cleaned it all up, but it was all cool looking sitting there in the sink. I must have a hair fetish :O