March 1st, 2006

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High School =[

You're cold but you're beautiful
You're a mess but I like it that way
I'm a fool, only a fool is reckoned

I want the fucking note Gabby! THE DRAWING IN THAT NOTE OWNZZ!

Today we got our High School registration forms. I have all the CP classes recommended from my teachers. That's cool I guess, no advanced classes, but no 'stupid kid' classes as the idiots in my school call it. We gte to sign up for three electives, take a mandatory elective (oxymoron much?), and choose three alternative electives for the crap we don't get.

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School sucks xPP They're all "HIGH SCHOOL SHOULD BE THE CORE OF YOUR LIFE BASTARDS!" and stuff. -.-

In completely unrelated news I stopped eating so I would be tired and sleep. You know what? It's actually working. I came home and slept for the first time in a few days. If anyone really knows my sleeping habits they would understand what a big deal this is. So wo0tage.

My eyes look very gray and dead. Not the EYE itself, but the skin around it is turning gray, and it's not because of all the eyeliner I wear because my mom has been making me take it off at night. I think it's the sleep issue, but maybe not.

Speaking of the sleep issue I spent all night reading a book called Sweetblood last night. Not 'Sweet Blood'. Sweetblood. It was about a teenage diabetic goth who believes the idea of vampires came from untreated diabetics. It sounded stupid, but I read it and I thought "wow that was pretty amazing". I started reading Carrie by Stephen King today. I love that book, it's so...good. I have been reading a lot lately, I went to the library last Sunday (three days ago where I'm at) and got 8 books. I have finished four so far, I should go back and get some more.

I have also been noticeably emo lately. Erynn noticed today she was all "You look depressed." The only honest response I could come up with was "I am." She asked why and I told her I have no damn idea. Maybe it's the Naproxin I have to take for my headaches. Ever since I got on that medication I have felt worse about life. Plus when I forget to take it my headaches are much more painful than they used to be. Take yesterday for example, it was like a fucking cherry bomb!

Behlul pinched my ass for no reason. It was really, really creepy. I'm not even friends with her too. oO