March 3rd, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

I am dante's ability to rhyme

The world makes me laugh.
The world makes me cry.
The world makes me happy.
But physics makes me die.

Hows that for poetry ho?

This week has been a giant ball of emoness. Woe is me. Let us all join a suicide circle and throw ourselves in front of an oncoming train. This swirl of emoness drove me randomly join the darker version of MySpace: VampireFreaks. Even the URL is emo *sigh*

So week= shitty.

Dantes' Inferno is a really cool book by the way. I have finished like 6 books in three days. What's up with that? None of them were manga either.

I need sleep. I also secretly want liniichan to make me a puffy, but it would be uber awkward to ask >___>;;

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