March 6th, 2006

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Ugh. Just ugh.

I woke up an hour earlier this morning to get to class early because I had to sign up for some bullshit science fair. It apparently put me in a pissy mood because my mother has been bitching to me about it since I got home.

I was forced to attend a freshman orientation for all us pathetic little soon to be ninth graders with my parents. It was unbelievably boring. Not only that, but you got no new information. So for anyone at WVMS who missed it, you didn't miss anything. Except a few minutes of looking around the school. OMFG. It's huge! I mean, GAWD IT'S HUGE! There are three whole floors! THREE! And the ground space covers so much area! Oh, and did I mention, the Auditorium is as big as a flying monkey's ass. That's big man. Really big.

Being in the school itself put me in a pissy mood again, and mom was all "Morgan! Change your attitude!" like...really loud. I paused from my Ringu manga for a minute to look up at her, raise an eyebrow, indicate all the people staring, and then resume my book. It was excellent =3

I think it's just me, but people touching me is suddenly so very unappealing. I won't let Gabby or my rents come within three feet of me. I haven't hugged Erynn (star_summit) ...since...the beginning of the school year, I hugged DayZ (closemyeyes____) today because I was in "Oh my god I'm trapped in a huge ass school with my parents!" trauma, and I hugged Hannah (neko_pyro) because I luffs her =3

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I forgot who I stole it from >___>