March 8th, 2006

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Field Trip =)

I went on a field trip today. On the one side, during the trip itself I got to miss school for a day and take pictures of random bullshit. Wewt. The bus I was on was really boring because the person in charge was a sexist pig who made the girls sit in the front, the boys in the back, and we couldn't interact. I was sitting next to my sort-of friend Stephanie, she's completely OCD about checking her watch. Drove me nuts.

Unforunately on the way back I had a dehydration attack. Passed out for 30 minutes. Shook like a vibrator. The whole bit.

On a completely random note: I have now reached the 200 review count on my fanfic Our Own Little Musings. Official wo0tage for me. And no, it's not a fic with 34 chapters. There's only 8, so I'm doing pretty well for myself thank you very much. I came home today with 36 emails. 36. WTF?

I am officially in love with LJ automatically saving drafts. Coolest shit ever. Because my uber bastard computer just went berserk and closed that window, and *omfggasp* my entry was saved! Cool stuffs.

I think my dehydration attack fucked me up because I now don't want to eat, drink, sleep, exist, or anything of the sort. Sucks for me. My damn math book is lost in my bed room, so if I don't find it, I'll have to copy Jared's homework again. Damn! I really need to find that stupid text.

Oh and by the way: Erynn is the coolest person alive.