March 16th, 2006

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Two days until Spring Break! WOOT!

I officially fell in love with my paid account again this morning. Because I now get to have 33 icons! YOSH! So I went on an icon scavenge. Go look at meh new pics here. Horray for a fuckload of sexy kunoichi icons! GIRLS ARE HOT DAMNIT!

Internet Explorer has been royally fucked on my computer, so now only firefox works. Firefox sucks. It screws up the scrollbars and it messes up the way my layouts look, especially my myspace. Grr. Kthxbai.

I am officially in love with spork_ai, you will not understand, you do not need to understand, so nyeh :P

We watched a very badly collaborated video about Lacrosse in PE today. It was terrible, and we kept laughing. Erynn got bitched at, then Hannah got bitched at. Sucks for them xDD Then we got to try and shoot the balls from the lacrosse sticks. I think it's a talent you're born with, some people couldn't do it at all. Some could do it. Some can do it 'very well'. Apparently I am one of those people. So go me!

Because of Miyazaki, whom I would love on any other occasion, there will be no dub Naruto for the rest of the month. I can't remember who I found this out from, but once I received said information, I cried. I need to go to FF.Net and indulge in fanfiction, or I'll go on fandom withdrawal and be pissed at everyone. That is something I doubt they will enjoy. Duh -.-

I got to watch Blake jack off his drumsticks today. Myesh =3

After tomorrow I have ten days to relax. I get to go to Memphis, Tennessee, Camden, Tennessee, and best of all, Hot Springs, Arkansas for Spring Break. Relaxation awaits me! *dances*