March 17th, 2006

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Spring Break =]


Yes, you heard it here, I get ten days to MYSELF! Me time has arrived! isn't really me time, because it will be spent trapped in a car my with my fascist pigs for parents. Oh joy. I leave on Sunday. Which means after that, no more irritating posts from me to clog up your friends page. So celebrate.

I bought the Arctic Monkeys CD. It's really good, actually. Numerous sources have been calling them the best band from Britain of all time. The Beatles beat their asses down, but they aren't bad at all. I was uber depressed when I got to Best Buy though, because they didn't have the Effcee album, which I really, really want. If I see it on the road I'll pick it up. If I can't find it, I'll download it and then make my parents buy it for me on Amazon for my birthday. But I hope I don't have to resort to that, because I already have a Printer Dock for my camera, and a tablet on my birthday list, and that is quite a few bucks.

I have been working on a fanfic for a little while called Our Own Little Musings. The link is here and I have reached the 200 mark for reviews. I am very proud of myself. Especially since I think it sucks. But I guess I felt it was noteworthy for this entry.

Gabby got a myspace and a an LJ (yoai_freak). Yes she did spell yaoi wrong. It was an accident. Yes I was all *headdesk* when I saw it too. Anyway she read DayZ's rant and 'almost started crying'. I don't really care. DayZ is entitled to her opinions. Simple as that.

And does anyone know how much getting your eyebrow pierced hurts? I really want to get that done, but I want to have a clue how much pain it will cause. Does it hurt more than getting your belly button pierced? Because that hurt like hell. Of course, the way I did it, myself, was probably alot more painful than having a professional do it. If it's less painful than getting your naval pierced, then I know it wont hurt. My tolerance for pain interests me. (inner joke)

I had a bit of a scene in art class. I started crying for no reason. I just felt extremely depressed and, for the first time in eternity, started crying. It was kind of pathetic really. Anyways, Gabby was all "OMGZ What's wrong?!" and my genius response was "I have absolutely no idea."
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