March 19th, 2006

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Well. Today was halfway shitty.

I was supposed to leave for Hot Springs today. I was supposed to spend 10 hours in my car, then arrive at a five star hotel, spend hours soaking in outdoor hot springs, and then be pampered beyond my wildest dreams. But oh no. We have horrible weather all week in Arkansas. So Morgan doesn't get to go. I was infuriated. I was enraged. Lol. Enraged. *dies*

My parents tried to make up for it by taking me up to Gatlenburg today. I got my ears pierced again, I'm so happy. It looks good too! It didn't hurt at all, I didn't really expect it too, but it really just felt like getting pinched. And now I have five piercings, and one ex-piercing. I feel good.

Then I went to this record store and bought the new Hawthorne Heights CD. YES. I did buy it. I do like screamo. I do like emo. I am not a poser. So shut the fuck up and die if you're going to get in my face for it. Now that I got the paranoid STFU speech out of the way, I have discovered it was a surprisingly good album.

Either way. I don't get to go to Hot Springs. :,(

I go to Camden, Tennessee tomorrow to visit my aunt and uncle and stay for a night. It's a five hour drive. Fun. But they have this huge ass house next to a lake. So wewt. Then on Tuesday I'm going to Memphis. Once again, wewt. Memphis will be awesome.

For all of those who like Naruto and haven't added darkestwaters please do it. My ArtJournal needs more buddies =O

On a completely random note: some chic from Bearden High School e-mailed me today. She's going to be my mentor, apparently. Anyway, she's one of those idiots who says 'lol' after every second, types in all lowercase, doesn't divide her paragraphs, and spells everything wrong. I haven't pointed any of this out to her, because I am not that mean, but still. Her emails agitate me.

The suckish this is that she has to call my parents to 'meet' them. Or whatever. It's mandatory. I don't want her calling me. In fact I find it creepy she has my phone number. I'm glad she hasn't asked if I have a MySpace or anything, because everyone at Bearden does, and she probably wants to know what I look like -____-;;

I joined Erynn's new forum. Meh username is xBubblexPopxElectrickx. Ahh. The Xs burn. *headdesk*

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I love Itachi.