March 23rd, 2006

{ naruto ; tayuya } fight song

I am back, un


I have developed Cabin Fever. I just spent days with my parents. I got absolutely no time to myself. My parents rented a single room for all of us to stay in at the hotel. I didn't get any sleep (like I would have) because my mother snores louder than a freakin...snoring...animal. Or something. If it wasn't for my two trips to the Jacuzzi at the hotel I would have gone insane.

I got two CDs while I was in Memphis. Panic! At this disco's album and Hawthorne Height's first album. I got to go to the rendezvous, a world famous rib joint, while I was there, and these weirdo french restaurant that owned. Oh and I saw the Peabody Ducks. That was about it.

When I logged into my e-mail I had 29 new messages, none of which were spam. When the fuck did I get so popular? xD


Anyway. I have spent to much time with my parentals and I now am back. So wo0t. On to All My Biscuits.

OH YEAH: I forgot (how could I?) I bought a Naruto sand-nin headband from Hot Topic (damn it was expensive) SQUEE! I HAVE GAARA'S HEADBAND (or Temari, Kankuro, Baki, and any other ninja from the Suna) OMFGBBQ.

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