April 16th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

New layout from the best person ever ;D

I have a new layout, Katie [besame] made it for me ^^

I also got an AIM screename (I cracked); paradox kisss

Yes, there are three 's's. Anyway, buddy me, I need some people who would like to waste their lives talking about completely pointless shit with me :D~

I wrote about a million word essay on my feelings about the three episodes Naruto, but then I erased it, to spare you. The short summary is; ITACHI'S VOICE IS RETARDED ZOMG, Sasuke got his ass handed to him and it was hilarious, Neji's hot, Ino is also hot, and OMGZZ OROCHIMARU IS LIKE...THERE! *death*

Yeah *is retarded*

Anyways, I must do my homework!

Oh yeah; Happy Easter and all that shit. I got some Chocolate bunnies and some black gum. Yep. Black bubblegum on Easter Sunday.